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February 7, 2007

I had the opportunity with two different clients to help them reframe and see a situation from another perspective.  With one, I helped her see the positives of a situation that she only saw as a negative.  I also worked with someone on reframing their feelings about “selling their services” to others.  Very often people feel that they might be hasseling or harrasing someone if they try to sell their services.  Rather than see it as harrasement, couldn’t we flip this around to see it as a benefit, a gift that we’re offering to them.  If we believe that our coaching will help someone achieve their goals, then we should be able to think about offering or “selling” our services as something positive vs negative.



February 4, 2007

It was helpful to participate in the class on acknowledgement.  I took away two thoughts:  the first is that sometimes it is a positive thing to tell others what we want to be acknolwedged for.  The second is that we so rarely acknowledge our own accomplishments. This prompted me to make a list of all my accomplishments for the first month I’ve been in business.  It felt good.

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February 4, 2007

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