The power of body language – what do we miss when we don’t coach in person

I recently taught a session on “How to handle Difficult Coversations” and included a section on body language.  I had the participants stand up and mimic the gestures/postiions I had on the screen and tell me whether they thought they were postiive or negative in their communication.  It was easy for everyone to recognize the power of body language – despite that over 50% in the room had English as their second language.  I thought I would include some links I found that might help others.          But it raises a question,  there is such power in seeing the person, how do we replace that visual messaging with just verbal cues?  I do think we pay attention in a differnt way when we’re coaching on the phone…we listen for the nuances, the “what was not said” etc.  But still is a good thing to consider what we’re missing.


One Response to “The power of body language – what do we miss when we don’t coach in person”

  1. Sandi Neilson Says:

    Hi Nancy – I started off face to face coaching before coming to ICA and wondered how I would ever manage to phone coaching effectively. Through focussing on effective listening I built my skill level to feel very comfortable with this medium. So much so that when I took on more face to face clients (after a bit of a break doing only phone coaching) I felt overwhelmed by the extra stimulii. Now after some laser coaching I now focus on the hands and the voice in face to face coaching and just keep eye contact. Everything else at this stage is out of the picture for me and I am loving this type of coaching which is getting great results. Still a newbie at this so until I feel I’ve mastered the art will not use any other stimulii in face to face coaching. Thanx for the link – will keep it as a reference when I want to extend more into coaching thru body language.
    Be uniquely you , be a winner – every day
    Regards, Sandi

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