Who is accountable

I love when live brings you coincidences….I was just taking the class on accountability and we had a healthy discussion about the role the client plays in taking on accountability.  That day I had an interview with a large corporation to have them assess my ability to be a coach.  One of the questions they asked was to tell them about a situation I had where the coaching didn’t work.  Unfortunatley I did have just that type of situation…where one of my clients just didn’t keep up his end of the bargain – never really did the work inbetween sessions, didn’t seem all that committed to his own success etc.  I explained the story to her and she said _ Good answer,  as the last person we interviewed said that after 30 years of coaching, he had never had a problem with a client.

 I do think it is true that we probably account for 50% of any problem – clearly coaching is a two way process.  But we can’t take too much on, in fact the client has to take responsibility for their role as well.


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